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Telus U.S. Easy Roam Gets Price Increase

Latest price increase which is coming from Canada’s wireless carriers is by Telus


The company is set to increase the price of its U.S. Easy Roam feature, while also overhauling its vacation disconnect feature, known as ‘VAD’, according to internal documents, reports MobileSyrup.


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U.S. Easy Roam Jumps to $8 Per Day

The U.S. Easy Roam feature allows Telus customers to use their existing plan while roaming down south, which currently costs $7 per day. This is jumping to $8 per day, or a 14% increase, with a change slated soon. U.S. Easy Roam has a monthly cap at $120. No word whether this increasing as well, but given the price increase it most likely will.

International Easy Roam remains at $12 per day and maximum $180 per month.

Telus flanker brand, Koodo, increased their U.S. roaming option to $8 per day last August. Bell and Virgin increased their similar U.S. roaming options to $8 per day, last October.

Only Rogers and Fido remain at $7 per day for their U.S. roaming option, but you can bet that’s going to increase soon, to match its fellow rivals.

If you’re heading to the U.S., you’re better off buying a local SIM card if you’re staying for longer than one or two days. Or, for those with an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, take advantage of your eSIM and use a service such as GigSky to subscribe to a data-only plan right from your phone (use code GNGM100 for $5 free credit).

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