Telia, Pivo, Nokia demonstrate facial recognition payments at Slush fair

Telia, OP Bank’s Pivo and Nokia present the latest future-forming examples of 5G applications at the Slush startup event in Finland. Visitors get to try Pivo Face Payment over 5G and experience facial recognition that will transform payment services

Telia said that it had presented new 5G applications alongside OP Bank’s Pivo and Nokia at the Slush start-up event in Helsinki from 21-22 November. Visitors could try out Pivo facial recognition payments (Kasvomaksu).


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At Telia’s booth, visitors could buy a snack for EUR 0.10 using the facial recognition payments system, as well as see the Nokia FastMile 5G gateway, Telia’s AR app, and examples of 5G and video analytics for industrial use.
Facial payment is a good example of a service that benefits from the capacity increase and lower latency of 5G. 5G will also take the security of mobile connections to the next level, which is crucial for example for payment and other financial services,” says Janne Koistinen, head of Telia Finland’s 5G program.
Facial recognition makes payment quick and easy. The technology compares the customer’s face with the biometric template uploaded through a camera, the customer accepts the payment using pre-saved credit card details and the transaction is completed without a credit card, cash or mobile phone.
Pivo Face Payment is a bank-independent solution that requires a mobile device with iOS 11.0 or Android 8.0 or a more recent upgrade and a Visa or Master Card.
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