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Telia Lithuania now offers 5G roaming in Scandinavia and Estonia

The operator Telia Lithuania has announced that customers using its 5G services within the country can now use the new standard in Estonia and Scandinavia, too, via other Telia group 5G networks.
Telia Lithuania 5G 
Standard roaming rates will apply. Telia Lithuania launched the non-commercial operation of its 5G network in downtown Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda in November of 2020.

5G roaming works on the same principle as other technologies for mobile. In the 5G coverage area, the phone will automatically connect to it, and standard roaming charges will apply when the data provided by the plan is used.

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“Impressive speed, imperceptible latency and other benefits of 5G provide a new web browsing experience and save time. The first 5G testers in major Lithuanian cities have already been convinced of this, and now we are opening Telia’s 5G network to them in the Baltic and Scandinavian region, ”says Dan Stromberg, CEO of Telia Lietuva.

Telia’s 5G connection will work in Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The new generation of technologies is primarily being implemented in the metropolitan and most densely populated areas of these countries.

“The pandemic has restricted certain areas of our lives and activities, including travel. However, we understand that this is temporary, so we want our customers to be able to make the most of the 5G network covering more and more countries and territories and experience technological progress for themselves, as the situation in Europe improves and travel opportunities become freer in the future, ”says Stromberg.

5G can be used abroad by Telia customers who also use 5G in Lithuania. All you need is a 5G-enabled device activated in our region and an unlimited mobile internet plan. The use of 5G in the European region and on the Telia network is currently approved by Sony, OnePlus, Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi.

Telia switched to a non-commercial 5G connection in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda centers in November last year. The technology testing frequencies provided by the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority are used for this service. Tests show that the data download speed in the Telia 5G network is up to 1.9 Gb / s, the transmission speed is up to 200 Mb / s, and the latency is up to 10 milliseconds.

Telia will start providing commercial 5G mobile communication services in Lithuania after the 5G radio frequency auction. It is expected to be this year.


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