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Telia Finland business roaming

Telia Finland offers business customers new roaming data bundle for 33 countries

Telia Finland said it has lowered its roaming charges for business travellers in 33 countries including the US, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Uruguay. Telia Finland business roaming
¬†“Our business travel customers can now take care of their jobs around the world due to new pricing. Business travelers no longer have to rely on unprotected wifi networks worldwide, “says Juha Sutinen, Telia business services department manager.
For EUR 19.99, customers get 200 MB of mobile data, down from EUR 10.00 per megabyte.
“The drop in prices in these countries is a natural continuum for the development that has been going on in Europe in recent years. The assurance that no surprise bills are promised will greatly increase the use of mobile phones among business travelers alike. For example, in Europe, the use of corporate customer data has increased tenfold in two years, “Sutinen says.
Prices in the US and China have fallen to as much as 1 percent of the previous charges.

Telia’s business roaming services Telia Finland business roaming

One of the benefits of using Telia’s business roaming services is that users can access the same services they have at home, without any extra charges or hidden fees. Telia offers its users transparent and predictable pricing for their roaming services, allowing them to plan their business trips and expenses ahead of time. Additionally, Telia’s business roaming services support high-speed data connections, enabling users to work efficiently while on the go.

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Telia offers various international tariffs and roaming services for its business customers, including daily and monthly data packages, as well as voice and text packages. The prices for these packages depend on the country and the length of stay. Telia’s users can choose the package that suits their business needs, ensuring they have the necessary resources to stay connected with their team and clients.

Telia’s business roaming services are available in over 200 countries, with partnerships and agreements with other telecommunication companies around the world. With Telia’s extensive network, users can stay connected and access mobile data services in various destinations, including Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

In addition to its roaming services, Telia also offers a range of other business services, including data centers, cloud services, and security solutions. With Telia’s comprehensive range of services, businesses can access all the tools they need to operate efficiently and effectively, no matter where they are in the world.

In summary, Telia’s business roaming services offer users the ability to stay connected and access mobile data services while traveling internationally, with transparent and predictable pricing. Telia’s extensive network, various international tariffs and packages, and comprehensive range of services make it a reliable and convenient choice for businesses operating globally.




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