Telia Finland customers increased their roaming data usage by 1,400%

Telia Finland said that after the introduction of the EU’s Roam Like At Home (RLAH) rules in June 2016, its customers’ increased their roaming mobile data usage by almost 1,400 percent during the summer holiday season. Telia Finland roaming data usage
The operator added that in May, it cut its roaming prices in more than 30 countries outside Europe.
“July is clearly the busiest time in data volumes. The reason is, first of all, that the number of customers using the web doubles as compared to the quietest time of the year, “says Telia’s Business Manager Matti Kärkkäinen.

“Growth is, of course, no longer so fierce, but it seems that the number of users and data will continue to grow sharply this summer,” says Kärkkäinen.

According to Kärkkäinen, the use has increased in addition to the lower prices, and the certainty that the use of the phone in foreign travel is no longer subject to major surprise bills.

“People like to use maps and other useful applications on holiday, as well as share their experiences in social media. More and more people have wondered if the phone should not be closed at the destination, “Kärkkäinen laughs.

Data usage is also increasing in non-European holiday destinations Telia finland roaming data usage

According to Kärkkäinen, however, it is good to note that traveling on a holiday is not necessarily the case in congested holiday resorts as easily as in the home country, as the local operator’s network can not always respond to a shortage of users and usage volumes.

Data usage is also increasing in non-European holiday destinations during the summer months.

“In May, we lowered prices in more than 30 countries outside Europe, which has immediately begun to show a rapid growth in data usage,” says Kärkkäinen.

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