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Telia Estonia says customers can pay for gas at Alexela chain using mTasku app

Mobile operator Telia Estonia said customers can now pay for fuel with their handsets at Alexela chain gas stations.


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The option is available for those using the mTasku mobile wallet. mTasku has more than 70,000 users in Estonia, and the number is growing each day. mTasku is available to customers of all Estonian carriers, and today the app is used by Telia, Elisa, and Tele2 subscribers.

mTasku enables card payments on mobile, and in the future, the app will include services that are traditionally wallet-related, e.g. loyalty cards, gift coupons, transit passes, access cards, e-checks, and mobile e-documents.

mTasku is a mobile wallet developed by Telia, LHV, EveryPay and Tallinna Kaubamaja Group together with POS system providers Ektaco, ID Süsteemid, Nixor ja Laansoo & Trussmann. The main development partner of the mTasku platform and app is Datanor OÜ. Tallinn University of Technology and IDEMIA are important partners for developing the processing of secure electronic documents and access permits for mobile phones.

The mTasku app allows Telia Estonia customers to make payments using their smartphones, without the need for cash or credit/debit cards.

To use the mTasku app, Telia Estonia customers need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and then link their Telia Estonia mobile account to the app. Once the account is linked, customers can add money to their mTasku account and use it to pay for goods and services at participating merchants.

The mTasku app also offers additional features, such as loyalty program integration, where customers can earn points or discounts when using the app to make payments at participating merchants. Additionally, the app allows users to send and receive money from other mTasku users.

Overall, the mTasku app is a convenient way for Telia Estonia customers to make mobile payments and manage their finances from their smartphones.


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