Telia Estonia introduces roaming for Apple Watch

Telia customers will be among the first in the world to use Apple Watch while roaming

Telia Estonia said customers can now access roaming services on their Apple Watch smartwatches in 14 countries. The services can be used in countries where LTE and VoLTE roaming services are available for subscribers of Telia Estonia. telia estonia apple watch roaming

Since the end of last year, customers of Telia’s MultiSIM service have been able to use the full functionality of their Apple Watch (including calls and internet) in several foreign countries where Telia offers 4G voice communication or VoLTE roaming.

Namely, at the end of October, Apple started offering a software update for its smartphones and watches, which allows you to use the Apple Watch even while roaming.

Telia Eesti is one of the first mobile operators in the world whose customers can use the full functionality of the Apple Watch while roaming thanks to the MultiSIM service. Such an opportunity opened up to only about twenty operators in the first instance. At the same time, Telia is the only Estonian mobile operator that offers roaming for Apple Watch with its MultiSIM service.

According to Kristjan Viilmann, head of Telia’s private customer unit, Telia has already opened its VoLTE roaming support in many different countries:

Country Operator
Germany Telecom
Iceland Nova
Iceland Siminn
Finland Telia


Country Operator
Latvia BMI
Sweden Telia
Lithuania Telia
Canada Bell Mobility
Greece Cosmos

Country Operator
Norway Telia
Denmark Telia
Vietnam Viettel
China China Mobile
Kuwait Ooredoo

“In all these countries, our customers can use the Apple Watch in exactly the same way as in Estonia, i.e. the watch can be used to make calls, receive calls and use the mobile internet. In addition, Telia VoLTE roaming testing is underway in several more countries, so the list of countries where our customers can use the full functionality of the Apple Watch in roaming will expand in the near future,” said Viilmann.

Before going on a trip, customers can also check on the Telia website whether the VoLTE roaming service is supported in the destination country. In countries where VoLTE roaming support is available, this information is displayed in the Calls and Messages subsection of the foreign operator (“Network type” must have the designation “VoLTE”).

In order for a Telia customer to be able to use mobile calls and mobile internet with their Apple Watch while roaming, two conditions must be met:

  • the customer has activated the Telia MultiSIM service; telia estonia apple watch roaming
  • the latest iOS software version has been deployed on the client’s smartwatch and smartphone.

Apple Watch requires software version watchOS 9.1 to be used for this. The software version in question can be used in Apple Watch Series 5 watches. However, the iPhone smartphone must be running the software version from iOS 16.1 (used in iPhone 8 series models).

However, the Apple Watch user must take into account that, for example, watches sold in Europe and North America operate at slightly different frequencies. This may mean that a watch purchased in the US may not work properly in Europe and vice versa.

With the Telia MultiSIM service, the customer can use the same mobile number in his smartphone and eSIM-enabled smartwatch. The MultiSIM service allows you to connect the smartwatch to a mobile network, which means that the watch and the smartphone do not have to be close to each other to use different functionalities, and the watch can be used to make calls, receive calls and use mobile internet. At the same time, both the watch and the phone use the same mobile package and the data volume contained in it.



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