Telia Denmark allows up to 20 GB for European roaming

From today, all Telia customers can browse 4G across Europe. Telia has opened up to fast-paced 4G connections in all 32 EU and EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland, etc.). This gives Telia customers “True Roam Like Home” with the same experience out of home. At the same time, Telia expands its existing Roam Like Home subscriptions, allowing customers to now take 20 GB of data on their holidays without paying extra.

Same prices – more data
Today, a new EU rule enters into force. This means that all European mobile customers will be able to receive a small amount of data in the future when they travel to another EU country.

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In Telia, mobile customers have already had the opportunity to take 10 GB on vacation without paying the unpopular roaming charges when they went on foreign mobile networks. Telia is now expanding its popular roaming subscriptions further so Danes can safely surf the summer vacation with far more data than what EU rules require.

“Mobile data usage is rising dramatically in these years. Not least when we are abroad. But since Telia launched Roam Like Home a few years ago, consumption has actually increased by 80 per cent. per year. Therefore, we are now expanding our roaming concept so customers can take up to 20 GB of data abroad without extra charge, “says Telia CEO, Christoph Nørgaard, Telia.

No restrictions abroad
At the same time as the new EU rules come into force, Telia is also ready to release customers at 4G, which is the latest and fastest mobile technology in the market.

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It is the technology Danish mobile customers are used to in Denmark, which makes it possible to see, for example, movies, comics and video clips over the mobile network. This experience, Telia will also give its customers overseas.

“With 4G, you get the most stable connection on your mobile or tablet. This means that you can do more than just check mail and read some news. With 4G you can use the mobile phone exactly as you do in Denmark. For example, you get the chance to relax with your favorite series, watch a good movie or maybe watch out for this summer’s Tour de France. In Telia, we allow you to choose without interruptions, “concludes Christoph Nørgaard.

In addition to the 32 EU and EFTA countries, Telia customers also have access to 4G in a wide range of other countries worldwide.

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