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Travellers Could Rely on Telia roaming

“We’ve seen a dramatic rise in travelers’ data traffic, as we expected after both the launch of our own offerings and the new roaming regulation, ‘Roam-like-at-home’, on June 15,” says Thomas Moe, Head of Roaming at Telia. “Still, the user experience for Telia customers travelling from all our countries have remained intact throughout this huge change.” Telia customer experience

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The biggest roaming increase is found in travelers’ mobile data traffic, which has multiplied several times over. But the rise in roaming voice traffic is also significant, according to Telia.

“Additionally, we’re seeing a lot of visitors in our networks. They are mainly Germans, but people from other central European countries are visiting our region as well and getting connected. This further increases the traffic in our networks. We can also see that our own Telia networks provide high quality and speed for visitors, better than that of many congested networks in southern Europe,” Moe says.

When it comes to roaming among all Telia-using holidaymakers, Spain remains the most popular country. Italy is a faraway second, and Greece is the third most popular destination.

“Poland was a bit of a surprise to us,” says Moe. “When we look at roaming traffic, Poland is now a more popular destination than Great Britain.”

Top nations for roaming holiday-makers  Telia customer experience

1. Spain

2. Italy

3. Greece

4. Germany

5. France

6. Croatia

7. Poland

8. Great Britain

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