Telenor Norway introduces Flyt corporate mobile subscriptions

Telenor Norway has brought out a new range of corporate mobile internet subscriptions called Flyt, which automatically adapt to the enterprise’s usage.

 In the last two years, the use of mobile data among Telenor’s corporate customers has almost doubled. And more and more people are on unsafe websites. Telenor is now launching new subscriptions that take into account increased data usage and the need for greater security in the use.

According to Telenor’s user survey, 35 percent of companies report that it is difficult to choose a subscription to their employees. To meet demand, Telenor is now launching a new and simpler mobile subscription with a solid dose of data. Telenor’s new company subscription is called Flyt, and caters both for customers who want more data and for customers using less data than what’s included.

Adapts to customers

This is not a new trend, but it is important that our mobile subscriptions adapt to customers, and not vice versa. Therefore, we have now simplified and improved our subscriptions, “says Ove Fredheim, head of Telenor Business.

Flyt automatically adapts to your use. If you use more than amount of data, you automatically switch to a large data pack for 99 kr. If you use less data, the rest will be automatically transferred to the next month. Thus, Flyt provides roll-over data that makes it easier for administrators and users.

This gives businesses a lot more predictability on costs, while employees do not have to worry about clicking on a click. Surveys also show that corporate customers want fewer options and more predictable costs, so we now have only three sizes to choose from: 2 GB, 10 GB and 50 GB included per month, and automatic data packs, “says Ove Fredheim.

Business customers want more roaming

According to Telenor’s customer surveys, 22 per cent of corporate customers in the EU and the EEA are roaming every month, with an average data usage of 1.2 GB per journey. In holidays the figure is up to 34 per cent.

With automatic data packs at low prices, customers do not have to worry about overuse or text messages they forget to read, whether in France or Albania.
“Customers have just called for such functionality, so we think it’s extra nice to meet this,” says Ove Fredheim.

Security expertise on the acquisition

80 percent of all data traffic in Norway goes through Telenor’s services and infrastructure, and every day, the company manages multiple cyber attacks – ranging from advanced attempts at espionage, social manipulation and paralysis of services, to attempts at burglary, theft and financial fraud.
To give business customers greater security, Telenor now includes a new security service in the subscription, so that corporate customers benefit from this expertise.

– This security service is called Nettvern and is a security filter that stops the user from accessing vulnerable sites. Around one in four customers will receive the automatic warning that appears when you are about to click on an insecure site, “says Ove Fredheim.
Move business subscription

• New and easier mobile subscription with data rollover and automatic data packs
• Choose between 2GB, 10GB and 50GB included per month

Data Packs
• Need more data, it automatically adds to a data packet
• All data packs cost only 99, – per packet
• Sizes: 2 GB, 10 GB and 20 GB
• The user is notified by SMS before the package is added

Data limits
• The company can set a limit for the number of automatic data packets.
• Data data is displayed to the user in the My Telenor app.

Data rollover
• Unused data moves automatically over to next month
• Also applies to data packets

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