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Telenor Montenegro offers 30 GB extra monthly data with Total packages

Telenor Montenegro is offering an additional 30 GB of internet per month to all new and existing postpaid users who contract one of the Total packages.


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The new packages offer unlimited calls and messages to all networks in Montenegro. In addition, they enable the use of three to five popular applications, such as social networks, Viber and premium applications, such as HBO Go, Deezer, NBA and Nickelodeon. For each selected application, Telenor allocates an extra 10 GB of internet per month.

SMS and MMS included in the subscription can be sent to all mobile networks in Montenegro and Serbia.

Unused minutes, SMSs and MMSs included in the subscription can be transferred within the next three months, unless they are defined as unlimited.

International calls for all the above package packages are charged and charged according to the valid international calls list.

For the “Total 100” tariff package, users have a benefit to certain destinations. For the users of the “Total 100” package of minutes per 25 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Canada, China, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Norway , New Zealand, Poland, Romania, USA, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and from the territory of Montenegro are free and spend from a balance of 25,000 to other networks in Montenegro. After the minutes are spent from the balance, the calls received are charged according to the valid international calls list.

Roaming prices and the way of tariffing are determined in accordance with the Travel Sure pricelist as the officially valid Telenor roaming pricelist.

Offer is valid from 23.05.2019. until 15.07.2019.

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