Telenor Hungary further reduces mobile internet prices for prepaid customers

Telenor Hungary said it renewed its “Hello Kartyas” prepaid portfolio allowing prepaid customers to use mobile internet at an even more attractive price and reduce their minute rates with a new voice ticket service.


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In addition, Telenor offers a double mobile internet data option to prepaid customers in the MyTelenor app which means that Hello Kartyas customers can buy 2GB Hipernet for 30 days at a price of only HUF 1,100.

The average mobile Internet traffic of prepaid users already exceeds 1 GB per month, which is about three times higher than last year. In terms of content type, community applications are the most popular among them: this year, more than a third of prepaid card traffic came from such apps. 

More data, more favorable prices

In line with this, Telenor renewed its prepaid card portfolio. The range of mobile internet data sets has been expanded to include a 5GB version of single, daily, monthly, and 30-day renewable data. The 30-day renewable data stamps are available at even better prices than before with the new Hello Card, for example 1 GB mobilnet is available for 1100 HUF. For community users who are actively using social networking sites, Telenor recommends a HelloChat data tag that provides unlimited domestic Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram with 1GB of general data for $ 2,000.

Even if this is not enough for the summer, active 2in1 packages or 30-day renewable data providers can double their data frames for the summer – making them even more careless, for example, at Lake Telenor’s seasonally confirmed Hipernet network at Lake Balaton. This option is available once in MyTelenor between June 18, 2019 and August 31, 2019, and the dual data frame can be used for 2 months after activation.

Renewable and HelloChat Data Records Available at Hello Card Rate:

Hello ChatHello 500MBHello 1GBHello 3GBHello 5GB
Temporary fee2000 Ft 
/ 30 days
750 Ft 
/ 30 days
1100 Ft 
/ 30 days
2500 Ft 
/ 30 days
3500 Ft 
/ 30 days
A data frame that can be used domestically and in the EUunlimited social media + 1 GB500 MB1 GB3 GB5 GB
Summer Data Frame by Doubling in MyTelenor Appunlimited social media + 2 GB1 GB2 GB6 GB10 GB


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