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Telenor Hungary adds EltePhone packages to offer

ELTEphone aims to strengthen the community of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and promote cost-effective mobile usage among its students and employees


Tailored to the specific needs of university students and employees, ELTEphone is currently available in two versions: ELTE MINI and ELTE MAXI. Both of them provide unlimited calls within ELTEphone subscribers and a sizeable domestic and EU data allowance of up to 10GB. The MAXI tariff also provides unlimited calls to any phone number in Hungary and in the EU including other countries of roaming zone 1. As long as the data allowance for the given month is active, ELTEphone tariffs provide unlimited mail and browsing, that is, these activities don’t count against the monthly data limit.

A major benefit of ELTEphone is that its users sign a contract with Telenor Hungary and can contact the mobile operator with any administrative issue directly, without third-party involvement. Similarly to public consumer and business tariffs available from Telenor, ELTEphone provides full access to Hipernet both in terms of maximum upload speed and nationwide coverage.


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ELTEphone users don’t have to forego their special tariff upon graduation but can keep it also after their student status is terminated. They have to commit to their tariff for one or two years. With a two-year contract, they can also buy a handset at a discount.

ELTEphone tariffs can be ordered in ELTEShop. Once registration is completed, customers get an e-mail coupon to finalize their order with Telenor Hungary (either online or in person in the operator’s shops), with number portability, if they wish. One student can obtain up to five coupons which means that they can also make the special tariff available to their family members.

ELTEphone tariff details:

Domestic mobile data allowance1.5GB10GB
Voice calls between fleet membersunlimitedunlimited
Voice calls in Hungary240 minutesunlimited
Voice roaming in the EU and in zone 1240 minutesunlimited

3GB and 10GB additional data tickets are available with ELTE MINI.

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