Telenor enables LTE roaming for Zain Sudan

Norwegian telecoms group Telenor has announced the signing of a global connectivity agreement that will enable Zain Sudan to provide LTE roaming services. Zain Sudan LTE roaming

Through this agreement, Zain Sudan can now offer worldwide 4G coverage through Telenor’s IPX connectivity network.

‘We are delighted to have strengthened our relationship with Zain Sudan and that this agreement will ensure consistent user experience for both companies’ subscribers at all times,’ commented Harald Krohg, CEO of Global Wholesale at Telenor, adding: ‘Speed and quality will be even more important in the years to come and Zain Sudan’s roamers will now enjoy the same superior experience as they do at home. We are looking forward to exploring new services together with Zain Sudan.’ Zain Sudan LTE roaming

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) roaming refers to the ability of a mobile network subscriber to access LTE data services when they are roaming outside their home network’s coverage area. LTE is a high-speed data network technology that offers faster data transfer speeds and lower latency compared to previous generations of mobile networks.

LTE roaming is becoming increasingly common as more mobile network operators around the world deploy LTE technology and expand their LTE networks. It is also important to note that some mobile devices may need to be configured to use LTE roaming, so users should check with their mobile operator or device manufacturer to ensure their device is compatible with LTE roaming.

Zain Sudan’s roaming services:

Service Description
Voice roaming Allows subscribers to make and receive voice calls while roaming outside of Sudan.
Data roaming Allows subscribers to use mobile data services while roaming outside of Sudan.
SMS roaming Allows subscribers to send and receive text messages while roaming outside of Sudan.
Prepaid roaming Prepaid roaming services allow subscribers to pay in advance for roaming usage.
Postpaid roaming Postpaid roaming services allow subscribers to use roaming services and receive a bill for usage later.
Roaming partners Zain Sudan has agreements with a large number of mobile network operators in different countries around the world, which allows its subscribers to access roaming services in many locations.
Roaming rates The rates for Zain Sudan’s roaming services vary depending on the location and the network operator. Subscribers can check the rates for roaming services on the Zain Sudan website or mobile app.
Roaming support Zain Sudan provides support for roaming services through its customer service channels, including phone, email, and social media.
Roaming activation Subscribers can activate roaming services by calling Zain Sudan’s customer service or by visiting a Zain Sudan retail store. It’s recommended to activate roaming services before traveling to avoid any issues with connectivity.

Note that the information in this table is subject to change and subscribers should always check with Zain Sudan for the most up-to-date information on roaming services.



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