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Telenor Denmark traffic rises 52% as roaming decrease

Data from Telenor’s network in week 7 show that data consumption in Telenor’s network increased by 51.84% during the winter holidays compared with last year and shows that Danes spent the winter holidays at home. telenor sim card denmark

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This year, the Corona crisis led Danes to exchange winter holidays abroad for various destinations around Denmark. New figures from Telenor show that the total data traffic in Denmark during the winter holidays in week 7 has increased by 51.84% compared to last year – and especially in several popular holiday home areas, data consumption has increased.

“The figures from our network clearly show the same trend that we also saw during the autumn holidays. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, Danes spend their holidays in Denmark and enjoy themselves at home or in the holiday home with the family, at the same time as the mobile and streaming of favorite series have been going well, ”says network expert Jesper Mølbak from Telenor.

Telenor monitors traffic as part of the operation and development of its nationwide mobile network, so that the capacity of the network can be continuously upgraded to keep up with the increasing data consumption that we are seeing in Denmark.


Pilgrimage to holiday home areas on Zealand telenor sim card denmark

Although for the Danes there was no prospect of a ski holiday or exotic travel destinations during the winter holidays, the time was still a reasonable use. In search of a relaxing winter vacation, many chose to spend time in the cottage.

Data from Telenor’s network show that many spent the winter holidays in North Zealand, where the area around Udsholt Strand in particular was popular. Here, data consumption alone increased by 380% compared to week 7 last year. Data consumption also increased in the area around Vejby Strand, here by 203% compared to the same week last year. The increasing data consumption in Udsholt and Vejby Strand contributed to the data consumption in general in and around Helsinge increasing by 130% overall.

The same trend is also seen in the area around Gerlev Strandvej near Roskilde Fjord, where Gerlev Strandpark is also located. Here, data consumption increased by 514% compared to week 7 last year.

Declining data consumption outside Denmark’s borders
Data consumption outside Denmark’s borders fell in week 7 to a quarter of what roaming traffic was for week 7 in 2020. When it comes to roaming traffic for week 7 in 2021, there are no major fluctuations in traffic compared to previous weeks .

However, it is still clear that the current situation and travel restrictions affect the opportunities to travel, as data consumption outside Denmark’s borders in week 7 fell to a quarter of what roaming traffic was in week 7 the year before,” says Jesper Mølbak.

The figures are based on the traffic in Telenor’s network for week 7. Telenor has 1.7 million mobile customers in Denmark

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