Telenor Bulgaria implements new roaming regulations

Telenor will implement the new roaming regulations in the countries of the Zone EU as of tomorrow, June 15, for all of its post-paid subscribers and users of pre-paid plans that offer roaming services.

Some of Telenor clients and subscribers to the Total plans already enjoy the new and more affordable roaming regulations for calls, texts and mobile data in all EU member states as well as in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and some overseas territories of France, comprising Zone EU.

According to the EU regulation, while roaming in the Zone EU, Telenor clients may use their bundle national call minutes and texts for calls and messaging all numbers within the zone without any surcharge. Upon expiration of their bundles, customers will be charged according to their plan as in Bulgaria. Incoming calls and text will not be charged.

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If users have bundle MB for national mobile data they will be able to use all of them while roaming in Zone EU or will be assigned a dedicated roaming bundle in compliance with the fair usage policy under the new regulation. Upon expiration of the bundle MW, user will be charged 1.8 stotinki per extra MB. Telenor will notify all users about the exact size of their roaming data bundle and the information will be also available via the MyTelenor app or at the roaming management portal This portal can be accessed only on mobile device via a mobile network. All data traffic within the portal is completely free of charge.

Detailed information on all changes in roaming regulations and the Telenor GTA as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions related to roaming is available at the Telenor official website or via call to 123 and at any operator or official partner shop.

Telenor would like to remind all users to make sure they have their roaming services activated prior travelling. Activation is possible by sending “A” to short number 1210, via call to 123 and at any operator or official partner shop.

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