Telemach Hrvatska

Telemach Hrvatska acquires Total TV

Telemach Hrvatska completed the purchase and merger of Total TV, whereby Total TV continues its operations under the umbrella brand of Telemach. Thanks to the national coverage provided by Total TV via satellite, Telemach becomes available in every corner of Croatia, without geographical restrictions.

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This, after the recent acquisition of Optima Telekom, further enriches the portfolio of services that Telemach offers to its users, with accessibility to previously inaccessible areas.

As a national operator offering fixed and mobile services, Telemach is further strengthening its market position by acquiring Total TV, and the advantages of advanced technology and the wide range of services it brings will be felt by users all over Croatia, especially in rural areas.

“At Telemach, we want to build a relationship based on trust with our users, and we are strongly committed to the goal of becoming the operator with the best user experience on the market. Everything we do is directed in this direction, including the merger of Optima and Total TV, which we successfully implemented in just one month. Thanks to this, Telemach can now offer a complete spectrum of telecommunications services to citizens in every corner of Croatia, which will contribute to the stronger digitization of the country, and thus to its further progress. By integrating Optima, we have combined expertise in mobile services with expertise in fixed services, and with Total TV we are growing further by unifying our competencies and enriching the TV experience, which is now being upgraded with additional content that can be used even in the most inaccessible places. With easier access to a wide range of high-quality services, users throughout Croatia will have the opportunity to choose the services they want and need in the future, and Telemach will provide them with the best value for their trust,” said Telemach CEO Adrian Ježina.

Under the umbrella of Telemacha Hrvatska, Total TV users continue to use previously contracted services as before, with access to an even wider range of high-quality services. A wide range of internet technologies awaits them, including the fastest 10 Giga optical network, the top TV platform EON and the leading offer of mobile subscription packages, all of which are on the super fast 5G network.

Joining Total TV employees who continue their careers in Telemacho further strengthens Telemacho’s knowledge base, which has been continuously enriched over the past two years, parallel to the improvement of the overall business.


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