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 telemach croatia data

Telemach Croatia doubles data packages

At a time of increasing living costs of citizens, Telemach Croatia does not increase the price of services, but provides additional benefits to existing and new users within mobile packages.  telemach croatia data

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With the most generous offer on the market, Telemach brings the highest value for money to all new and existing subscribers, regardless of the existence of a contractual obligation

Users of the START and TOP mobile packages will have twice as much data traffic available in the future. Thus, users of the START package will have 6GB of mobile traffic per month instead of the current 3GB, while users of the TOP package expect as much as 40GB instead of 20GB of traffic within the package – at the same price as before. Within the UNLIMITED package, data traffic remains unlimited, and this package in the subscriber segment remains the most valuable and cost-effective mobile package on the market.

In order to provide customers with the best user experience, Telemach continuously invests in network infrastructure and improves services according to their needs. Additionally enriched mobile packages thus remain permanently available to all users, regardless of the existence of a contractual obligation.

“Regardless of whether we are new or existing users, we decided to permanently enable more worry-free surfing for all our subscribers and we were the only ones on the market to increase the number of gigabytes within existing packages – twice, while the package price remained the same. The fundamental advantage of our products is simplicity, which is why we offer a smaller number of packages that are understandable to everyone and are in line with what customers really need. We do not have small letters and additional hidden costs, so users always know what to expect, “said Damir Vrsajkovic, director of product development.

Mobile packages START, TOP and UNLIMITEDAll new and existing subscribers can surf 5G speeds at no extra charge and unlimited minutes and SMS messages, while the UNLIMITED package additionally offers the possibility of using one of the world‘s leading music services TIDAL, with access to more than 70 million music and other multimedia content.

Users of the UNLIMITED package can listen to their favorite music indefinitely, with superior sound quality and purity, and without interference caused by advertising. TIDAL’s content is available wherever you are, with or without the Internet, via smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs or Bluetooth devices.

Telemach Hrvatska sees growth in postpaid base and revenue in 2021

Croatian operator Telemach Hrvatska recorded growth in its postpaid subscriber base and revenue during 2021, according to CEO Adrian Jezina, reports Seebiz. However, the full results have yet to be published by parent United Group. Jezina also announced that Telemach Hrvatska will continue with intensive investments in mobile and fixed network infrastructure and products, which could reach EUR 100 million in 2022.

By the beginning of summer, Telemach plans to cover large cities on the Adriatic coast with 5G, to be followed by Slavonia and other parts of the country. The optical fixed network currently covers 500,000 households in Croatia.

Jezina added that the operator has no plans to increase the prices of its services.


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