Slovenia’s First Remote-Activated Tourist Insurance

Telekom Slovenije has developed and launched a technical solution that allows Zavarovalnica Sava insurance company to offer a new, innovative product to Telekom Slovenije’s subscribers, a novel entry on the Slovenian insurance market, the first tourist insurance billed per-use, meaning the actual number of days an individual spends abroad. The insurance includes a guarantee and a premium and is charged according to the principle of “pay-as-you-roam”, allowing users to easily activate services remotely, with the insurance premium billed automatically for the time when the user’s mobile number is connected into the networks of foreign operators. The Brezskrbni (Carefree) tourist insurance is billed after the conclusion of the trip on the user’s invoice for communication services. This allows users to go vacationing abroad carefree, without always having to conclude travel insurance beforehand. telekom slovenije Tourist Insurance 

​Subscribers to Telekom Slovenije’s mobile services can simply and quickly conclude the Brezskrbni tourist insurance by assigning a master mobile number in the Moj Telekom portal, on which they can then activate tourist insurance for themselves, and if they want to, also for their family members, then follow the instructions.
“The Brezskrbni tourist insurance is the result of innovation from two dedicated teams, and it is proof that even the biggest companies can be as competitive as small start-ups, as we have a wealth of know-how, experience, and potential in our employees. By utilizing innovative solutions, we brought insurance closer to users and modern digital trends, clearly marking the path that we aim to follow in the future—providing the best services by working together, by forging connections, and through constant progress,” said Miha Pahulje, Management Board member of Zavarovalnica Sava at product launch.

“Telekom Slovenije wants to simplify the lives of its users by providing them with simple solutions made possible by modern technology. We are carefully monitoring trends and recognizing the needs of our users, and so I believe that the option of easily concluding tourist insurance, and especially with the option of paying according to the principle of actual roaming in foreign mobile networks and actual services rendered, will be received well. The whole procedure is automatic, and we also provided an appropriately high level of security,” said Tomaž Jontes, vice president of the Management Board of Telekom Slovenije, responsible for commercial affairs.

The billing for the insurance is activated when the subscriber’s mobile phone connects into the foreign operator’s network. The insurance premium is EUR 0.99 per day per person or EUR 2.48 per day for family insurance, which may include up to seven people (two adults and five children up to 15 years of age). In a single insurance year (i.e. one year from the date the insurance was activated) the insurance premium is billed for up to 45 days, i.e. up to EUR 44.55 per individual insurance or EUR 112.05 per family insurance. For the rest of the insurance year full coverage applies, without the need to pay the premium.

The Brezskrbni tourist insurance includes costs of clinical or hospital treatment, ambulance drive to the healthcare institution and transportation back home after the treatment is concluded, in the amount of EUR 30,000 per individual insurance case, and up to EUR 200,000 in a single insurance year; the assistance call centre is part of the Zavarovalnica Sava insurance group, and is available in Slovenian 24/7 at +386 2 618 0520. Insured persons can also place their call through Zavarovalnica Sava’s website. telekom slovenije Tourist Insurance 

The Brezskrbni tourist insurance is valid for trips not longer than 62 days. Tourist insurance does not apply in the country where the subscriber holds permanent or temporary residence.

Insured persons are notified of the validity of the coverage automatically when connecting to the foreign operator’s network by SMS message, and also receive an SMS message when they return to Telekom Slovenije’s network.

With the Brezskrbni tourist insurance Telekom Slovenije and Zavarovalnica Sava are creating a connected future in which their users will never be alone. telekom slovenije Tourist Insurance 


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