The instructors Martina Razinger, Špela Jakša, Ema Jamnik, Vanja Cipot, Simona Vrhovec, Andrej Milutinovič, Laura Matijašić and Nejc Šimenko prepared different sets of exercises for strength and power, for a healthy body and mind, for pregnant women, for the elderly, and also for couples. New and more advanced exercises will be added to the fold, and any instructors, coaches and athletes who want to join the project, are invited to write to

“It is important to stay positive, and sports can help us achieve that. Our desire to connect as many people as possible and get then moving has led us to create the #exerciseathome platform bringing guided and safe exercise to everyone. There are currently no options for either indoor or outdoor group exercise, and many people miss them, however, we also hope that we can encourage those who previously only considered exercising,” said Telekom Slovenije.

Telekom Slovenije’s subscribers can practice with the NEO Smartbox in front of their TV set by navigating to “Izbrano” (Featured) or by simply saying “Vadi doma” (Exercise at home) or “Vadba” (Exercise) into their remote. On exercises are available to everyone with a free registration. #stayathome and #practiceathome