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Telekom Romania launches new summer promo with unlimited national benefits & EEA roaming access included

Telekom Romania prepares customers for a worry-free summer, with unlimited national benefits , EEA roaming access included and top smartphones. Operator survey shows what customers really want and prefer, with no hidden costs:  telekom romania unlimited

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  • All UNLIMITED tariff plans offer roaming access to the European Economic Area (EEA) included from the outset;
  • Smartphones or Chromecasts included in the new tariff plans;
  • A new loyalty offer for Telekom Mobile customers;
  • 96% of customers of the new UNLIMITED portfolio say that Telekom Mobile’s offer is better than the previous subscription from another operator


When 96 percent of customers say they are satisfied and very satisfied with the new UNLIMITED subscriptions, it means that we have a mobile phone product that is exactly what Romanians want to communicate and stay on the internet as long as they want.
This is exactly what Telekom Mobile offers in the brand promise “Mobile as you want. Simple and fair ”and for this the Romanians want to pay.

  • Do you want unlimited communication and roaming included? You have them!

The new summer offer, which starts on June 16, is best suited for the summer holidays, with the new UNLIMITED tariff plans with unlimited connectivity (internet, voice and SMS) in Romania and access from the beginning to the roaming service in the Economic Space European Union (EEA), according to Roam Like at Home regulations, applicable to all customers in the European Economic Area.
Customers can plan their international trips without worrying when activating roaming and can enjoy complete freedom of communication in Romania, starting from 7 euro / month. Thus, customers can roam in the EEA the unlimited national minutes and SMS they have included in the subscription, plus internet traffic up to a limit of 4.7 GB to 12 GB, depending on the chosen tariff plan, free of charge additional roaming charges. These benefits are only applicable in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), in accordance with the policy on the use of roaming services in the contract.

  • Want a new bundled smartphone with unlimited benefits? It’s done!

For those who want to enjoy the summer with a new phone, Telekom Mobile has prepared the perfect unlimited subscription for everyone, either with smartphones included (Samsung Galaxy A22 5G included in the Unlimited subscription 14, at 14 euros / month, or Samsung Galaxy A33 5G included in the tariff plan Unlimited 18, at 18 euros / month), or top smartphones available in installments at special prices together with the new subscriptions.

  • Do you want to take your holiday fun with you? It’s simple!

For those who want to have WiFi connectivity for summer travel around the country, Telekom offers the Portable WiFi solution Unlimited WiFi, without extra wires and without installation work, for only 7 euros / month.
The best solution for trips to the mountains or the sea, for the holiday home in the country or for seasonal HoReCa business, Unlimited WiFi offers the necessary connectivity for any tablet, laptop, smart TV or smartphone, by simply connecting to a router’s electrical network WiFi.
Moreover, for extra entertainment, Telekom Mobile offers Google Chromecast 3 included for any UNLIMITED subscription from 9 euros / month. The device turns your classic TV into a Smart TV and allows you to watch all your mobile content on the larger TV screen.
The offers mentioned above, whether they are the new mobile tariff plans UNLIMITED or WiFi Unlimited, are available both for existing customers who extend their contract and for new customers, whether they are residents or businesses, starting from 7 euro / month.
With no hidden costs and no surprises on the bill, Telekom continues to keep its message “the more you see, the more you pay”.

  • Do you want to feel rewarded as a loyal customer? It’s done!

Telekom Mobile rewards loyal customers with an exclusive dedicated offer, from now on offering individual customers better benefits for each new UNLIMITED subscription.
Thus, loyal individual customers have the chance to buy another subscription, to extend unlimited communication with loved ones, getting 1 euro discount for each new subscription, or receiving the best porting offer, if they choose an offer with smartphone included, even without wearing a number.
Moreover, Telekom Mobile leaves no one behind and continues its promise to always reward all loyal customers, giving them on-demand access to the new UNLIMITED tariff plans and also rewarding them for renewal with the best offer, valid for porting to new customers. In this way, loyal customers are assured of finding the best renewal offer from Telekom. telekom romania unlimited
Telekom Mobile’s summer offers follow the company’s promise made last autumn, to offer its customers a simpler and fairer mobile experience, with clear prices and benefits. And it really appreciates customers: according to a survey * conducted by the company in its own stores, from customers who have chosen the new subscriptions UNLIMITED:

  • 99% of customers are satisfied and very satisfied with the new tariff plans;
  • 96% of customers from other operators say that Telekom Mobile’s offer is better than their previous subscription;
  • 92% of customers who renew their subscriptions say they are satisfied and very satisfied with the loyalty offer.

“With the new UNLIMITED subscriptions we go further for our customers, offering them benefits beyond unlimited connectivity in Romania, such as roaming access in the EEA, top smartphones or Chromecast included in the tariff plans, plus exclusive loyalty offers. We closely monitor their satisfaction with our new pricing plans, and our surveys confirm that we have made the right decisions: customers appreciate that they get what they need and pay for what they see in our ads, without any unpleasant surprises. to keep our word since October last year, promising our customers a better experience: Mobile as you want.“, said Andreea Cramer, Chief Commercial Officer, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications SA. telekom romania unlimited

Another confirmation from customers that Telekom Mobile’s recent offers are what they should be, in order to meet their needs and expectations, is given by the results of the last six. In the first three months of the year, Telekom Mobile’s total customer base increased by 7.6% compared to the same period in 2021 to 3.82 million. 1.75 million were subscribers (up 5.1% year-on-year for the eighth consecutive quarter) and 2.07 million were prepaid users (up 9.8% year-on-year for the third consecutive quarter). telekom romania unlimited


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