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Telefónica Global Solutions: New Identity, Integration

Telefónica continues with its transformation process and takes a further step in its international business strategy by integrating its wholesale, roaming, and multinational customer businesses under a new unit and a single identity: Telefónica Global Solutions.

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Within the current context of profound changes and new challenges, the Telefónica Group is continuing to move towards the future to improve the service it provides to its most global customers.

Telefónica Global Solutions was created with the aim of facilitating global connections between people and companies within this new reality.

Telefónica Global Solutions

The new unit, part of Telefónica’s transformation and action plan, integrates these three businesses, whose teams are now joining forces to increase their capacities and continue to support their partners and customers, with a range of consistent and comprehensive services and a single goal, namely to offer innovative and global solutions to Telefónica’s customers, wherever they are.

With Telefónica Global Solutions we not only reinforce our commitment towards our customers, supporting them in their own transformation and offering them innovative and global solutions all over the world, we also further align ourselves with the Group’s mission by putting people and companies at the center of everything”, declared Julio Beamonte, CEO of Telefónica Global Solutions.

The new unit serves more than 1,500 global customers, including 400 operators around the world, conducts direct sales in the United States, and offers a service to multinational companies at more than 20,000 facilities worldwide. It serves 170 countries thanks to a network of more than 100 strategic partners and over 400 roaming agreements. The 110+ points of presence (PoPs) increase the capillarity of its network, carrying an average of more than 15 billion voice minutes and transmitting 130 petabytes of roaming data transmission each year.

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