Telecom26 ties up with Celerway to provide SD-WAN router for cheaper cross-border roaming

Telecom26, a Swiss provider of multi-network global connectivity, has struck a partnership with Norwegian company Celerway Communication to offer customers worldwide an SD-WAN router that simultaneously uses several mobile networks and optimizes cost, service quality and uptime for users.
Telecom26 is a global mobile operator that operates its own infrastructure and leverages relationships with more than 1,100 network connections and over 600 mobile operators in 220+ countries worldwide to secure unrivaled global cellular coverage.

“The ability to scan the mobile environment in real-time to determine available Quality of Service (QoS) while actively serving multiple mobile and broadband networks simultaneously, delivers the perfect connectivity solution for companies and organisations with cross-border operations, particularly those operating in remote, underserved coverage areas.

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“The collaboration with Celerway will significantly increase our customers’ quality of experience and at the same time reduce their roaming costs. The addition of Celerway’s robust device management capabilities further improves our service management capabilities while providing the resilience of fallback connectivity across multiple networks and SIMs,” says Robert Koldys, VP of Global Product Strategy at Telecom26.


The foundation of Celerway’s technology is specially designed device management software that seamlessly switches between available networks and provides load-balanced connectivity on multiple networks at the same time, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, fixed line and satellite networks. The SD-WAN software platform can be combined with all types of hardware.
Celerway’s software has been incorporated in proven cellular modem hardware and combined with Telecom26’s secure connectivity and service management to create a full, managed service offering. The router offers up/downlink capacity of up to 1 gigabit per second.

“This is one of the world’s fastest mobile SD-WAN routers,” says Audun Fosselie Hansen, CEO and co-founder of Celerway Communication, which was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.


Telecom26’s multi-IMSI SIM is integrated in the router. This continuously scans available networks to determine QoS levels and relays this information to Telecom26. The advanced service management offered by Telecom26 selects the optimum IMSI and network for connectivity.

“The combination of our software and Telecom26’s global network connections and operator agreements means that, together, we can continuously select the best and most cost-effective network for each individual user, which keeps customer roaming costs as low as possible, while optimising uptime,” adds Audun Fosselie Hansen of Celerway.


Telecom26 provides secure, optimised global connectivity for enterprises, OEMs and NGOs, which need cross-border solutions and a single delivery partner.

The company also plans, enables and manages secure private and semi-private self-contained networks. Access to the Telecom26 global network, provides flexible coverage for temporary or portable deployments, which are often required by international NGOs and healthcare providers, as well as commercial organisations.

We already offer the widest coverage, optimised quality and highest levels of security, backed by competitive pricing. Celerway’s platform helps us to further strengthen this offering. Its SD-WAN solution is combined with the latest encryption technology, based on OpenWrt core for network routers, which will add another layer of protection for our customers’ data,” says Robert Koldys at Telecom26.

Telecom26’s headquarters are located in Switzerland, with six regional offices around the world. The company was founded in 2012.


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