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However, they often do not know which (mobile) devices are being used, nor what the corresponding variable cost is or how to manage or change this. They are often subject to a variety of contracts and general conditions for the provision of telecom services, which obviously constitutes an acute problem in terms of insight. In addition, the cost calculation methods used by those (telecom) providers are not always transparent. telecom audit

The same lack of clarity applies to the maintained rates structures, which are often riddled with discount regulations. Moreover, organisations are frequently faced with a multitude of invoices for the provision and use of the Internet, as well as for fixed and mobile telecom services. The flow of invoices can reach proportions that make manual processing impossible.

Telecom services are a very high line item expense for most businesses and nearly 80 percent of bills contain errors. Telecom bills can be very complicated and difficult to read and interpret, so it can be difficult to spot billing errors. An effective telecom audit is non-intrusive and the auditing services can be done from the office.

We first conduct an audit of your telecom bills to discover opportunities for savings. We then negotiate directly with your vendors to correct errors and get you the best pricing on monthly service.

Often, after we find savings, we can begin the process of recovering erroneous charges dating back as far as five years.

If you are not actively reviewing your telecom invoices for accuracy and monitoring your network usage, chances are you are overspending on your communication services by as much as 35%!

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Controlling network communication costs has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies and choices, vendor support problems, and a lack of resources and tools. Industry experts estimate that 80% of telecom invoices include vendor billing errors, unnecessary and outdated network services, or expired contracts. Other costly problems include locations and services with suboptimal pricing plans, closed locations where services continue to bill, the inability to track assets and services, and the failure to control employee expenses due to a lack of corporate policies and transparency, to name a few.

Take Control of Network Services, Telecom Costs And Gain Greater Visibility and Savings


 Alert’s Audit and Optimization services concentrate on corrective actions to eliminate vendor contract non-compliance and billing errors, as well as network optimization to eliminate the under and over utilization of network services.

Alert’s approach is to evaluate all areas of unified communications services, including voice (wired and wireless), as well as data to provide detailed recommendations and corrective actions. Once proposals are reviewed and accepted, ISI’s professionals implement approved recommendations to ensure the rapid realization of cost savings and process improvements. As a bonus, we will deliver a complete asset inventory by location of all communication services identified during the audit. This invaluable report will provide greater visibility of the network services that we produce through our detailed service approach.

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