Things to do in Liverpool

Hometown to the iconic rock band The Beatles, the seaport city of Liverpool is one of the United Kingdom’s must-visit locations for travelers. Visitors can explore and experience landmarks that share the rich arts, music and maritime history of the North England city. Discover the things to do in Liverpool with this helpful travel guide to show you the way!

The football prowess of Liverpool FC and the magic of The Beatles brought about a charm that the world wants to bask in. If you’re going on a trip to England and visiting Liverpool is on your itinerary, then you can wander its hip streets and learn about the illustrious careers of The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, and more musical giants by visiting bars, record shops, and the home neighborhoods of the bands. If you love football, you can also make your way to the legendary Anfield Stadium, the home of the city’s revered football club.

Of course, it’s more than just the Merseybeat Movement and football. There are more sites to behold like the Radio City Tower and the Silver Jubilee Bridge, two stark examples of British engineering marvels. You can immerse yourself in magnificent artworks by luminaries by visiting the Walker Art Gallery and the Museum of Liverpool. You can also explore magnificent sites like Saint George’s Quarter and Liverpool Cathedral to marvel at the incredible Victorian architecture.

When is the best time to visit Liverpool?


With mild temperature conditions mostly year-round, city is often visited by travelers from March to August. Schedule your trip during annual celebrations, like the Liverpool International Music Festival in July and International Beatleweek Festival in August, to experience the life and culture of the city.

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