Things to do in Marseille

Chosen as one of the must-see European cities, Marseille – the beautiful, the incandescent, and the scandalous – is opening up to the world, playing between striking contrasts and intriguing paradoxes. Rich in heritage and traditions, Marseille is proudly visionary, never ceasing to question, to construct, nor dismantle itself.
Within its borders, it is made up of a melting pot of cultures, colours, languages, stories and might.Things to do in Marseille

Discover the must-see places that contribute to the influence of a city with more than 26 centuries of history. On the sea side with the Calanques National Park, the Frioul islands, beaches and walks, and on the city side with culture, heritage, culinary specialities and traditions.

300 days of sunshine a year, 2,600 years of history, Europe’s first peri-urban natural park, 111 villages and at least as many different identities, Marseille is all this and much more.

Painters and writers from all over the world have always had a connection with Marseille thanks to its unique light and special atmosphere. They have transcribed this atmosphere through their works. Today, journalists and photographers are doing the same with their reports.

This space is dedicated to you, you’ll find there enough to feed your research, to arouse your curiosity…

The journey starts here ! 

The best time to visit Marseille is from September to November, when tourists visiting during the peak season of May to August have returned home, freeing up the beaches, attractions and accommodations.

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