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Travel to China?

China’s tourist numbers are estimated to increase rapidly in the coming years with the World Trade Organization (WTO) estimating that by 2020 the country will rank number one in the worldwide tourism sector. china sim card
The land of the Great Wall of China, the Five Sacred Mountains, the Shaolin Temple, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Forbidden City, the Three Gorges, and other naturally, culturally and historically important sites, China is indeed one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world.
China – 60.7 million visitors. And You. 

Currency: Yuan * CapitalBeijing * Population: 1,439,323,776 * Calling code+86

Buying a SIM card in China

Local SIM Cards – Currently in 2018, there are three major mobile phone providers in China (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom).
The People’s Republic of China is a very special country to buy a local SIM card. Although almost every mobile device is produced here in these days, buying a SIM card can be quite complicated, especially as very few people understand or speak English and you’ll face some restrictions.
If you purchase via Alertify, your SIM card can be shipped to the hotel or AIRbnb or even to your home before departure.
Our solution last longer than any local SIM card: You don’t need to buy new SIM Cards every single time you enter a different country. And every solution is unique and created for your needs.
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The Chinese telecom market is the largest in the world in terms of subscribers and is undergoing transition. China’s telecommunications development has generally been driven by investments from government-allied entities and features a strong industrial policy.

Mobile broadband has seen very strong growth in China over the past five years. Slower growth is predicted for the next five years to 2022 in a fast maturing market. China has emerged as one of the most aggressive countries promoting 5G.

Travel to China?

This SIM card is reusable and can be recharged for any of 200+ countries in next 6 months. No matter if your next travel is ni Asia, Europe or America.
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Check out China eSIM deals:
1 GB With no expiration =   €5.46
3 GB With no expiration =  €15.86
5 GB With no expiration =  €25.68
10 GB With no expiration = €49.14
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China tourism

Ancient yet contemporary, fast yet quintessentially slow-paced, China is a land of fascinating opposites. There’s no chance of seeing it all in one trip, but this vast country’s most popular regions are well connected, meaning a well-planned holiday can cover a lot of must-see bases. The revered history woven into the intricate monuments of Beijing alone is enough to leave you in awe. That’s before clapping eyes on the spectacular ornamental gardens, the Forbidden Palace, the Summer Palace and the astounding Great Wall of China – just a 3.5-hour drive from the capital. Western and eastern cultures blend deliciously in Shanghai, with its mesmerising cityscapes, European-style shopping districts and winding ‘lòngtáng’ alleyways where aromas of steamed shellfish and braised pork fill the air. Elsewhere, a more laid-back Chengdu offers the chance to visit holy temples and meet China’s famous giant panda bears. You’ll find plenty to do in either of these great cities. Complete your experience by escaping to a rural setting that feels a world away. Pass through forgotten villages, shady forests and soaring mountain ridges overlooking the breathtaking Tiger Leaping Gorge, or cruise down the mighty Yangtze River.

China Hotel Rates

In general, budget hotels below three-star cost about USD 30 – USD 50 per standard room per night. Three-star ones cost about USD 50 – USD 80 per standard room per night while the four or five-star luxury ones cost USD 80 – USD 200 or even much higher per standard room per night.

China hotels for you

Check out China Visa requirements

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