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Travel to Pakistan and need Pakistan sim card?

Pakistan receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country

Currency: Pakistani rupee * CapitalIslamabad * Population:  224,793,863 * Calling code+92

Pakistan sim card

Travel to Pakistan?

pakistan roaming

Pakistan SIM card

Forget about roaming costs, forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections. Travel to Pakistan
Forget about roaming costs, forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections.
1 GB for Pakistan SIM Card for €12.20 – valid for 30 days.
This SIM card is reusable and can be recharged for any of 170+ countries. No matter if your next travel is ni Asia, Europe or America.
No contracts. No commitments. Reusable.
Possible packages are: 250 mb, 500 mb, 3 GB, 5 gb or 10 GB. Contact us for a quote.

Pakistan roaming

Local SIM Cards: Currently in 2019, there are four major mobile phone providers in Pakistan: Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone. Travel to Pakistan
Foreigners can buy prepaid SIM cards in the country showing their passport (and visa) documents in an operator’s shop. They will copy your documents, take a picture of you (or you provide one) and take fingerprints on a scanner. Be prepared to wait for quite a while as Pakistan has one of the tightest SIM registration schemes in the world.
If you purchase via Alertify, your SIM card can be shipped to the hotel or AIRbnb or even to your home before departure.Our solution last longer than any local SIM card.
You don’t need to buy new SIM Cards every single time you enter a different country. And every solution is unique and created for your needs.
For an long-term solution for your business needs, for your peace of mind, for 4G Speed…  AND to save up to 85% on Pakistan roaming Charges contact Alertify

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