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Roaming as a service

Last week you were in Dubai business meeting, next week fair in Istanbul, and after that heading to Geneva? roaming as a service


Whether you own your own small business or are in charge of the financials for a large company with 5000 employees, corporate travel expenses are likely a cause of significant stress. For companies with employees traveling internationally, the ability to stay connected with mobile devices today is imperative.

Although these costs typically can’t be avoided, we can help to significantly reduce the overall cost of that corporate telecom or roaming expenses.

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on international roaming costs and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners.

roaming as a service

Save on roaming expenses with Roaming as a service

Reduction in international call costs of up to 70%
No contracts, no monthly fees

SIM cards never expire

Maximum Convenience
A range of services with coverage in 170+ countries
Online billing of every call for expense reporting
Auto recharge facility ensures simple payment and billing
Call forwarding services so you are always contactable

Get your SIM before departure. We deliver to your home or hotel.

Beware that EU roaming rules apply only to terrestrial mobile networks (all services provided through other types of radio networks, via satellite systems on board of ships or aeroplanes for instance, they are not subject to the binding price caps of the EU).

European countries not included in EU/EEA roaming

10 Most Visited Countries In The World


4G networks; Sim’s never expire; have a possibility for TopUp; Get it at your home or hotel.

Get EU SIM card


Global Roaming Connectivity for 200+ destinations

Get Global SIM card


Up to 10 devices can connect at the same time  – Choose a particular region or global solution.

Get Mobile Hotspot

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