Things to do in Saint Petersburg

StPetersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourists from all over the world come to the Northern Capital to see its famous monuments.

St. Petersburg is a mecca of cultural, historical, and architectural landmarks. Founded by Tsar Peter I (the Great) as Russia’s “window on Europe,” it bears the unofficial status of Russia’s cultural capital and most European city, a distinction that it strives to retain in its perennial competition with Moscow.

St Petersburg is home to Russia’s best preserved and most elaborate constructions from the extravagant Tsarist era. Brimming with baroque palaces, classical sculptures, royal gardens, and grandiose cathedrals, you can not simply miss to visit St Petersburg in your lifetime.

Public transport

Ground transport runs from 6:00 till 00:00. The ticket cost is 55 roubles.

Mini-buses run from 7:00 till 00:00. The average price in St. Petersburg is 50 roubles. The cost of suburban routes varies from 40 to 150 roubles.

Underground runs from 5:45 till 00:00. The exact timetable may be found here. The cost of one token is 60 roubles. Learn more about fares here.


In summer, if you move around St. Petersburg at night (on foot or by car), do not forget about the drawbridges. You can find a detailed bridges rising schedule here.


The electric power system of the city is: AC current, 220V voltage, current frequency 50Hz, plug-and-socket connection with two circular joints.


Humid oceanic climate influenced by the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea is typical of Saint Petersburg. The average summer temperature is +20°С, the average winter temperature is -8°С. We recommend you to take an umbrella along in all seasons because of the changeable Saint Petersburg weather.


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