This coastal city in the northwestern part of Portugal comes alive with its rich culture and heritage. From its history of winemaking to its beautiful architectural feats in the form of buildings and churches, Porto is every art lover’s dream come true. Tourists can stroll through the old world of Ribeira or go around its many cathedrals. Still wondering what to do in Porto? Check these places below:

This cosmopolitan city is the second-largest metropolis in Portugal. As soon as you arrive, you will immediately see all the vibrant colors of its buildings, especially once you reach its riverside districts. Its structures were built in neoclassical, romantic, and baroque styles, which give off a quaint charm despite its modern advancements.

Tourists often go on adventures to see its historic center, celebrated attractions, and popular areas like the Porto Cathedral, Clérigos Church, and the Foz neighborhood. You can also take a relaxing cruise along the Douro River to see its iconic bridges, or visit gorgeous cafés, restaurants, or bodegas and try port wine.

When is the best time to visit Porto?


Head to Porto when the weather is nice and warm from April to August, August being the busiest time for tourists. In June, travelers can take note of its famed São João, a midsummer festival that happens during almost the entire month. Expect a lot of dancing and fireworks during this time.


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