Things to do in Gdansk

Located along the Baltic coast of northern Poland sits one of the country’s oldest cities, Gdansk. The scenic port city and capital of the Pomorskie province is filled with bustling public markets, local boutiques that specialize in amber, and well-preserved medieval landmarks. Figure out your itinerary with this helpful travel guide of exciting things to do in Gdansk listed below!

On the south coast of the Baltic Sea lies Gdansk, Poland’s prime port city and the capital of the Pomeranian Province. This bustling metropolis is like a painter’s palette. All its buildings, from the humble abodes of its citizens to celebrated sites, have vibrant colors and it’s breathtaking to see them stretch from high spots.

History buffs will definitely have a fulfilling stay here because its landmarks like the Krantor Crane and Green Gate, remnants of centuries-old structures, and museums chronicle the fascinating story of the city’s development throughout different, tumultuous periods under various rulers and how it came into its own as a free state.

When is the best time to visit Gdansk?


The best time to visit and explore Poland’s port city is during the summer season, from May to August, when weather conditions are mild. Travelers can experience the festive atmosphere of Gdansk with outdoor markets, concerts, and other special events during the celebration of Saint Dominic’s Fair, in July or August.

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