amsterdam and things to do in amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

Travel to Amsterdam to experience the colorful, multicultural capital of the Netherlands in all its glory. Soak in the rich history of the city as you stroll or bike through the Canal Belt that’s lined with centuries-old houses and bridges. Take a break from sightseeing in Amsterdam at one of the many brown cafés that offer Dutch beers and genever, a local juniper-flavored gin. Cap off the day with a visit to Amsterdam’s street markets to grab a bouquet of tulips or some Gouda Holland.

For a small city, Amsterdam has quite a big personality! Despite its size, this bustling city has all the qualities of a huge city – nightlife, Michelin restaurants, and efficient transportation. This idyllic capital of the Netherlands is well known for its canals, doll-like houses, and world-class museums.

Get your feet ready for a whole lot of walking – this city is best seen on foot! If you’re in for a cultural excursion, make sure to book a ticket to the Anne Frank Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Musuem! A trip to Amsterdam isn’t complete without a stop at the red light district, Jordaan, and a canal tour, too!

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam? Things to do in Amsterdam


Travel to Amsterdam either in late spring (April-May) or early fall (September-November) to enjoy sunny skies and smaller crowds. The iconic Holland tulips are in bloom everywhere in the public parks and gardens of Amsterdam by mid-April. If your sightseeing itinerary includes famous Amsterdam attractions like the Anne Frank House, winter may be the best option so as not to get stuck in line for hours with all the summer tourists.

With its historic buildings, canals, and famous museums Amsterdam is one of the leading European city destinations. Not only known for its leisure tourism, the Dutch capital is also a business travel destination, attracting thousands of global business visitors from across the world each year. However, the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) heavily hit both the Dutch leisure and business tourism industries in 2020. Global travel restrictions led to a large decline in the number of inbound tourists in the Netherlands, with an estimated total of barely seven million visitors in 2020. Meanwhile, in years prior to the pandemic, visitation numbers remained at roughly 20 million.

Who travels to Amsterdam?

When looking at the demographics of inbound visitors in Amsterdam in 2020, there were, perhaps unsurprisingly, more travelers from neighboring European countries than there were from countries further afield. That year, the number of German overnight guests in hotels in Amsterdam amounted to 486 thousand. Amsterdam also hosted French and British tourists, with nearly 480 thousand overnight guests from France and roughly 360 thousand overnight guests from the United Kingdom in 2020.

In addition to leisure-related tourism, the city also hosts numerous large meetings and trade fairs, therefore attracting many business travelers. However, the business tourism sector also took a hit from the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. As a result, the number of meetings held in Amsterdam was reduced by more than half compared to the previous year and did not even reach 2,000 events.

Impact of COVID-19 on accommodation in Amsterdam

With the pandemic severely reducing the flow of international tourists to the Netherlands, the accommodation sector was another branch of the tourism industry negatively impacted in 2020. Even Airbnb, which had established itself as a serious competitor of the hotel sector, was no exception. Looking at the ratio of domestic and international Airbnb guests in the Netherlands, international guests staying at Airbnb locations in the Netherlands reached a 13-month low of 15.4 percent of total guests in May 2020. Furthermore, the weekly year-over-year bookings for Airbnb properties in Amsterdam fell dramatically, reaching two percent of last year’s bookings in the week ending April 12, 2020.

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