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Where to Buy a Greece Tourist SIM Card

From the spectacular sunsets of Santorini to the rich history of Athens, Greece has something for every traveler. And to make the most of your Greek adventure, staying connected is paramount. So, where can you buy a Greece tourist SIM card?

Let’s find out!

Why Opt for a Greek SIM Card?

Buying a local SIM card offers many benefits – it’s cost-effective, convenient, and ensures high-speed internet connectivity. This means you can call a local restaurant to make a reservation, post your gorgeous Greek photos on Instagram, or navigate the picturesque streets with ease. So, let’s dive into where to buy your Greek SIM card.

Buying a Greek SIM Card: Your Best Bets

Thankfully, Greece offers various convenient options to buy a SIM card:


Begin your Greek journey right at the airport. As you land at Athens International Airport, or any other Greek airport for that matter, you’ll spot stores of local telecom providers Cosmote, Vodafone, and WIND. They’ll assist you with SIM card activation and any queries you might have. Prices for a prepaid SIM card start at around €10.

Convenience Stores

From Athens to the remotest island, Greece is dotted with convenience stores that sell tourist SIM cards. Stores like Carrefour carry various SIM options. Remember to carry your passport, as you’ll need it for registration.

Official Stores

Official stores of Greek mobile operators can be found in major cities and town centres. They offer excellent customer service and can help you choose a SIM card package that best suits your needs.


For those who like to be prepared, Alertify is an excellent choice. Alertify, the leading travel tech shop, allows you to choose the best SIM card for your Greek adventure from the comfort of your home. With a wide selection, competitive prices, and exceptional customer support, you can arrive in Greece with your connectivity sorted.

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Top Greek SIM Card Providers Where to Buy a Greece Tourist SIM Card

Greece has several reliable mobile networks that offer various tourist SIM card packages. Here’s a quick overview:


Greece’s largest mobile network provider, Cosmote offers the “What’s Up” package specifically for tourists, which provides 500MB of data, 100 minutes of local calls, and 100 SMS for €10, valid for 15 days.


Vodafone offers the “CU” tourist package starting at €8.5. This includes 500MB of data, 60 minutes of local calls, and 300 SMS, valid for 7 days.


WIND offers the “WIND to ALL” tourist package for €8, which includes 1GB of data, 500 minutes of local calls, and 500 SMS for a week.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Greece tourist SIM card is an important step in planning your Greek adventure. By purchasing a local SIM card, you gain the freedom to explore Greece at your own pace while staying connected with your loved ones back home. So whether you opt for the convenience of buying a SIM card upon arrival, from a city centre shop, or online through Alertify, remember that your journey through the stunning landscapes of Greece will be enriched by the connections you maintain and the memories you share. Safe travels!

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