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Walking the historic ruins and marveling at the flourishing art scene are only two of the thousands of other things to do in Athens, Greece. The city offers a mix of ancient history and contemporary activities, making it an ideal travel destination. Planning to travel here soon? Below are things to do in Athens in the evening, afternoon, or morning!

Take a trip back in time and discover the ancient city of Athens, Greece. Named after the Goddess Athena, the city’s preserved structures and ruins tell the tale of Greece’s history.

For first time travellers, make sure to pencil in a whole day for a trip to the Acropolis! The city is deeply rooted its past, and the Acropolis is at the very heart of that history. Here, you’ll find the Parthenon, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and the Acropolis Museum! Afterwards, spend some downtime at the Plaka Neighbourhood and devour a nice Greek meal – such as Gyro, Tzatziki, or Moussaka! 

With the Acropolis as the jewel in the archaeological crown of Athens, this city is full of history whilst embracing the future. Take a stroll back in time through the neoclassical streets of the Plaka, where you will find tavernas serving tantalising souvlaki and mousaka, street vendors and live entertainment.

A trip to the Parthenon and the Agora top most lists and can also be appreciated from a distance by walking along the Dionysiou Aeropagitou street, which is away from the busy crowds downtown.

Changing the guard occurs every hour on the famous Syntagma Square. From here Ermou Street provides shopaholics with a fashionable retail sanctuary. The up-market districts of Kolonaki and Kifisia are also bursting with fancy boutiques, galleries and bars.

Athens contains some of the finest museums in the world such as the National Archaeological, Acropolis and Benaki Museums. From Athens International Airport to the Port of Piraeus, this is a city bustling with the old and new. On you can find everything from modern hotels to a room in a classical building.

When is the Best Time to Visit Athens?


The best time to visit Athens is from May to September. Some notable events are Holy Week and Easter, which are key religious events, in March or April. If you love Ancient Greek drama, classical music, and/or dance shows, visit during summer months (dates vary) for the Athens ad Epidaurus Festival.

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