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In Germany, the formal hotel classification is defined by the German Hotel and Catering Industry Association [DEHOGA] and started 1996. The DEHOGA is using a five-star system. The hotel rating reaches from one star to five stars and describes offers and performances by hotels which are classified. Accommodation in Germany

Next to the number of stars, the German Hotel classification is characterized by a specific term which belongs to one of the five star categories, which are:

1 Star => Tourist
2 Stars => Standard
3 Stars => Komfort
4 Stars => First Class
5 Stars => Luxus

To be even more specific the term “Garni” and the addition “Superior” can be added within a category. The addition “Superior” characterises the hotels that received more assessment points than needed to belong to a specific category.

How many hotels are there in Germany?
In 2020, 12,343 hotels were counted in Germany, a decrease compared to the previous year at 12,876 hotels.


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