things to do in brussels

Things to do in Brussels

A city that’s lively, hip, and multicultural, Brussels is filled with packed hotspots, hidden gems, and new adventures that are just waiting to be explored. Offering such a diverse range of activities, one will never run out of things to do in Brussels! Marvel at the city’s various architectural styles, including art deco and art nouveau, as you walk through neighborhoods like Ixelles, Grand-Palace, and Saint-Giles. Foodies will love the city’s spectacular cuisine, with local delicacies such as speculoos, half-en-half, moules-frites, and more! things to do in brussels

Brussels is the capital of the European Union and is the economic center of Belgium. Here you can spend a day trying out fantastic restaurants and cafés while seeing how Belgians typically go about their business. There is no shortage of amazing museums and art galleries to visit and medieval architecture to admire. Relish its culture and history by going on insightful walking tours that will allow you to see places such as the Royal Galleries and others. What Brussels is also renowned for is its culinary traditions and cuisine, famed for its long love affair with chocolate as well as beer. Go sightseeing around this stunning city and try out dishes such as frites, waterzooi, beef stew, and more!

Best time to visit Brussels

The climate of Brussels is like that of most of Belgium, a kind of climate temperate-oceanic. The climate is  influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, but also from the influence of the continental climate coming from inside the European continent.

Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year with monthly negligible differences. In average annually fall just over 800 mm of rain, the rainy days are 199 in a year. The months with the most rainy days are December and January with 19 days of rain per month. As the months with fewer days of rain are July and August with 14 days of rain per month.

Snow is quite frequent in winter, normally Brussels have 24 snowy days per year in the months between November and April. The months of January and February with more than 5 snow days per month are the months with the most snowfall. The number of frost days in a year is approximately 60.

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