Things to do in Vienna

Situated in the eastern part of the country close to the Danube River, Vienna is Austria’s capital and one of the most important cities focusing on art, culture, and music. It was the home of a number of famed musicians like Mozart and Beethoven. The city is filled with art galleries, heritage buildings, Baroque palaces, quaint restaurants and cafes, and more! Vienna is one for those who love culture. Read on to check out the things to do in Vienna!

Escape to the imperial city of Vienna where music, art, and design are placed at the very centre of the city’s culture. This city, Wein to its locals, is one of Europe’s most extraordinary destinations with elaborate architecture that transcends time. This is evident at the Hofburg palace complex, home of the Habsburg monarchy.

The city is also dubbed the City of Music – with musical legends such as Beethoven and Mozart hailing from this side of the world. Several musical festivals are also held in grand venues like Musikverein, MuTh and the Staatsoper, to name a few.

When is the best time to visit Vienna?


Summer and December would be the times when Vienna is busiest. If travelers want a less crowded city, November is a good time to go, with sunny weather and moderate accommodation prices. Popular events include the Opera Ball (February), an upscale affair with dances, the Life Ball (May), a charity gala, and the Vienna Festival (May-mid June), an event with performing arts.

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