travel to Luxembourg

Travel to Luxembourg?

 Luxembourg  receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country

Luxembourg prices compared to those in the EU: Compared to all EU28 countries, prices for mobile broadband and telephony in Luxembourg are, across the offers studied, much less expensive than on EU average. No offers were found to be more expensive than the EU average.

Price Trends – Prices for mobile broadband and telephony in Luxembourg show no clear trend compared to the previous year (2017). Customers seeking 1 GB data and 300 calls with 225 SMS find prices fell to less than 50%.

For 5 GB (data only) Sim card you will have to pay €12.50 (€16.02 is EU average).

CurrencyEuro * CapitalLuxembourg * Population: 635,251 * Calling code+352

Buying a SIM card in Luxembourg

Local SIM Cards: Currently, there are five major mobile phone providers in Luxembourg: LOL Mobile, Join, Orange, Post  Luxembourg and Proximus.

Visitors can purchase a prepaid SIM card at any of the main providers’ shops, which are located throughout the country, or at electronic stores and airport kiosks. It is important to note that visitors will need to provide proof of identity and a passport to buy a SIM card in Luxembourg. The average price for a prepaid SIM card is around €10-15 and it comes with a certain amount of call minutes, texts, and data.

When purchasing a sim card, it is recommended to avoid buying an expensive one at the airport or in the last minute, as prices tend to be higher and you may be limited in your options.  Travel to Austria?

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Going to Luxembourg?

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Check out Luxembourg eSIM deals:

1 GB With no expiration =    €2.21
3 GB With no expiration =    €6.44
5 GB With no expiration =   €10.40
10 GB With no expiration = €19.89
Choose between daily, monthly or plans with no expiration here. 

In terms of plugs and electrical outlets, Luxembourg uses the Type C and Type F European plug types. The voltage in Luxembourg is 230V and the frequency is 50Hz. Buy it now.

Luxembourg Tourism

This castle-filled country is bordered by Belgium, France and Germany and what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in natural beauty. Foodies will feel right at home among the multitude of Michelin-starred restaurants and vineyards of the Moselle Valley. Namesake capital Luxembourg City has a setting straight out of a fairytale. Spread across the deep valleys of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, it’s full of age-old nooks and crannies to explore on foot. The UNESCO-listed Old Town includes, the original town fortifications, the Grand Ducal Palace and the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame. Away from the cultural sights, it’s worth simply getting lost in the city and exploring its quirky spaces. Echternach is the country’s oldest city and makes for a ideal base to venture onto the picturesque Müllerthal trails. With over 100km of hiking paths through fields and forests, it’s heaven for hikers. From city centre luxury hotels to apartments and cottages, suitable accommodation can be found in all parts of the country.


In terms of accommodation, Luxembourg has a wide range of hotels, from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. The country has over 100 hotels, with the most numerous being 3-star hotels. The average price for a hotel room in Luxembourg ranges from €70-120 per night, depending on the location and the time of year.

There are several airlines that serve Luxembourg, including major European carriers such as Air France, Lufthansa, and KLM. Luxair, the national airline of Luxembourg, operates flights to and from major European cities, as well as several African destinations.

Hotels in Luxembourg


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