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Things to do in Los Angeles

The glitz and the glamour of Hollywood clashes well with the rugged landscape of Los Angeles, or “The City of Angels”. This city’s sprawling nature, sparkling ocean view, and sunny weather put all the other urban jungles in the United States to shame. How convenient is it to go surfing one minute, and then attend a record label meeting the next? Catch celebrities left and right as you explore shopping malls, casinos, amusement parks, museums, and other attractions in Los Angeles. Things to do in Los Angeles

At the epicentre of the film industry as we know it, Los Angeles or simply LA is synonymous with Hollywood and needs no further introduction. This sprawling city in the sunshine state of California is also home to other world-famous neighbourhoods like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice and West Hollywood.

When in LA for the first time, it’s a must to hit up the iconic Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Disneyland parks! Aside from the theme park frenzy, other quintessential locations to visit include Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier, the Grand Central Market, Warner Bros Studio and more. Most importantly, make sure to hit up an In-N-Out burger joint!

Exploring Los Angeles, the place where many movies are made, you feel like you’re in a dream. Santa Monica Pier is the ending point of fabled Route 66, while just south is bohemian Venice Beach, lined by tall, swaying palms. Go slightly inland from the boardwalk to glimpse the canals that earned the area its name.

Head north to the golden beach and stunning scenery of Malibu and see why movie stars over the decades have settled here. Also popular with the rich and famous are Bel Air and Beverly Hills, home to exclusive Rodeo Drive.

And the reason for all this glitz and glamour? Hollywood, of course! Sitting high on a hill, the iconic sign is visible for miles around, while below the gold stars on Hollywood Boulevard immortalise celebrities of past and present. Be there on premiere night to see them grace the red carpet of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Over the hill is Universal Studios, offering behind-the-scenes tours as well as rides. Next door are the Warner Brothers Studios, and Paramount Studios are closer to Downtown LA.


When is the Best Time to Visit Los Angeles? 

Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles isn’t sunny 24/7. To see more sunshine, visit from March through May. Summer is just around the corner during these times, but it’s not as crowded in the beaches.

Where is the Best Location for Tourists to Stay in Los Angeles?


The best places to stay in Los Angeles are the safest ones. Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Los Feliz, and Venice Beach are all near each other and share tourist attractions with each other.

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