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Saint Lucia

Traveling to Saint Lucia? saint lucia sim card 

Saint Lucia, is a sovereign island country in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean.


Tourism is vital to Saint Lucia’s economy. Its economic importance is expected to continue to increase as the market for bananas has become more competitive. Tourism tends to be more substantial during the dry season (January to April), often referred to as the tourist season. Saint Lucia tends to be popular due to its tropical weather and scenery and its numerous beaches and resorts. Before heading to Saint Lucia,  it’s important to be aware of the potential for high roaming charges in Saint Lucia so find the best Saint Lucia SIM card / eSIM.Saint Lucia SIM card

Saint Lucia roaming

saint lucia roaming

Saint Lucia SIM card

Forget about roaming costs, forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections.
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Saint Lucia Roaming

Travelers visiting Saint Lucia should be cautious about using their mobile phones, as roaming charges can be significantly higher than what they are used to at home. Experts on the topic of roaming charges strongly advise that visitors take proper precautions to avoid unexpected charges.

One particular area of concern is data usage. Data roaming charges can quickly add up, especially if visitors engage in data-intensive activities such as streaming videos or uploading photos. This is because data usage requires a lot of bandwidth, and the cost of transferring data over international networks can be quite high.

Local SIM Cards: Like on many small Caribbean islands there are these two usual providers:

  • Digicel St. Lucia
  • Flow (by Cable & Wireless)

SIM card is around EC$ 25 in their stores with some credit preloaded. Be prepared to show a passport for purchase.

Top-ups can be made online by credit card without surcharges or by vouchers sold all over the island. Digitel offers CreditU where you can top-up one number by another: dial *128*<receiving mobile no.>*<top-up amount>. Wait for the confirmation and then dial *128*1# to confirm. EC$ 0.50 is charged for this service.

For an long-term solution for your business needs, for your peace of mind, for 4G Speed… AND to save up to 85% on Saint Lucia Roaming Charges contact Alertify

saint lucia TELECOM NEWS

Another solution that has gained popularity among travelers is using a global SIM card provider like BNESIM. BNESIM offers affordable international roaming plans that allow you to stay connected while traveling without worrying about high roaming charges. With BNESIM, you can enjoy unlimited data, calls, and texts in over 170 countries, including Saint Lucia, at affordable rates.

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