Things to do on the Jeju Island

With its mixture of natural sights and cultural experiences, Jeju Island is South Korea’s most popular holiday destination for a reason. Hardcore hiking goes hand in hand with leisurely activities like hanging out on the beach and exploring the ocean from the belly of a submarine.

Jeju Island is South Korea’s top island destination beloved by tourists and locals alike. Jot down these highlights for the ultimate island experience! Explore Mt. Hallasan – a dormant volcano and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll by the coast and follow the Jeju Olle Trail, a well-known filming site of the popular Korean historical drama “Jewel in the Palace”.

Jeju Island has a bunch of waterfalls to offer, and one of them is particularly scenic. The Jeongbang waterfall sits on the south coast of the island and drops almost directly into the ocean. This makes the waterfall unique in South Korea. The waterfall measures 23 meters high and around 10 meters wide and is surrounded with gorgeous scenery; pine forests, basalt boulders, and dramatic cliffs.

Volcanism can shape incredible landscapes, and proof of this brutal force of the elements can be found at the lava tunnel of Manjanggul. The Manjanggul is a truly magnificent sight to behold. Unlike caves that are generally eroded by water or ice, this tunnel system on Jeju Island is solely shaped by flows of bubbling magma.

Relish a plate of Jeju Black Pork grilled to juicy proportions at Jejuhallasung in Seogwipo and delight in fresh local seafood. If you’re lucky, you might even spot haenyeo or female divers hauling their catch of fresh shellfish, abalone, and even octopuses to shore!

Best time to visit Jeju island

The best time to visit Jeju Island in South Korea is from November to May when the climate is the driest and when temperatures are mild. Winter is popular for activities include hiking and gastronomy, while Spring is the best time for sightseeing, especially Manjanggul Cave (a UNESCO World Heritage site).

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