Travel to Laos?

Laos receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country.

Currency: Lao Kip * Capital: Vientiane * Population: 7,371,457 * Calling code+856


Buying a SIM card in Laos

Laos has 4 GSM network operators: Unitel, Laotel, TPlus (formerly Beeline) and ETL.

All 4 mobile telecom operators are partly or fully owned by the Lao government; call and data rates are similar and within agreed criteria to allow equitable revenue share between them.

Tourists visiting Laos can easily purchase a SIM card from one of the operators’ retail shops or from a street vendor. The prices for SIM cards in Laos range from around $2 to $5, and they usually come with a certain amount of data, text messages, and call minutes.

There is no ID necessary for purchase.

When purchasing a sim card, it is recommended to avoid buying an expensive one at the airport or in the last minute, as prices tend to be higher and you may be limited in your options.  Travel to laos? 

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laos sim card

Traveling to Laos?

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Check out Laos eSIM deals:
1 GB With no expiration =  €16.19
3 GB With no expiration =  €47.13
5 GB With no expiration =  €76.05

Choose between daily, monthly or plans with no expiration.

When it comes to charging electronic devices, Laos uses type C and F plugs. Type C plugs are two-pin plugs that are widely used in many countries across the world, while type F plugs are three-pin plugs used in Germany, France, and some other European countries. Buy it now.

Laos Tourism

Tourism is an important industry in Laos, and the country welcomes millions of visitors every year. Some of the popular tourist attractions include the city of Vientiane, the ancient temples of Luang Prabang, and the stunning natural landscapes of the Bolaven Plateau.

The hotel industry in Laos is growing rapidly, with a large number of new hotels and resorts being built in recent years. The average price of a hotel room in Laos ranges from $30 to $200 per night, depending on the location and the level of comfort offered.

There are several airlines operating in Laos, including Lao Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and Thai Airways. These airlines connect Laos with major cities in Asia, Europe, and Australia, making it easy for tourists to reach this fascinating country.

Laos Hotels

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