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Contract Negotiation – Save up to 30%

Did you conclude a contract with your provider a year ago or even several years ago? telecom Contract Negotiation

At the time you most likely negotiated the best possible conditions available to you, but organisations change. Employees come and go. You have meanwhile perhaps increased the number of smartphones and corresponding subscriptions.


Telecom contract negotiations time is your BEST opportunity to save money

The capacity of data networks also changes as time goes by. And what about your fixed telephony (fixed voice/data)? telecom Contract Negotiation

In the telecom optimisation phase we look into the options you have of (re)negotiating your current telecom contracts and to use RFP & RFI procedures to realise entirely new contracts.


 In this phase:
  • We collect all relevant data (charting your current telecom situation)
  • We jointly formulate your strategy and compile a (wish) list of requirements.
  • We prepare the RFI & RFP and perform these procedures on your behalf.
  • We ensure that all conditions are in line with market conditions
  • We ensure that the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that benefit your organization will be added to your new contract. telecom Contract Negotiation

With all of the above data collected, we:

  • optimise your current contracts
  • benchmark your current contracts
  • Re-negotiate your current contracts (if possible)
  • perform RFI & RFP procedures (Request for Proposal and Request for Information)
  • Negotiate new contracts

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