Why do you need a Telecom Expense Management solutions in your company?

Companies pay too much for not efficiently managing their telecommunications contracts. For this reason, and with the large volume of data that comes with it, the services of analysis of expenditure on telecommunications is increasingly necessary in the technology and purchasing departments of companies, so as not to overpay for an unsatisfactory service. Find out more about Telecom Expense Management solutions for you.

Companies are faced each month with the challenge of analyzing their telecommunications bills that contain a large volume of lines. The operators do not make it easy since the invoices are complex and it is not obvious to know where each expense comes from. In addition, the rates change on a regular basis so you do not know if the rate you have contracted is the one that best suits your real consumption needs.

Telecom Expense Management allows companies to automate these expense analysis processes, identifying inefficiencies, errors and also preparing results reports.

Alertify optimizes the management of telecommunications by providing expenditure reports ordered by different variables that allow better decisions to be made.

It allows a control of the resources: being aware of all the inventory that the company has, adapting highs and lows to the real needs.The company is also prevented from negotiating with the operator, because Alert consultant is responsible for managing and monitoring incidents, additions and cancellations or other unforeseen events with the operator. This is the point that most value our customers because they always have the same contact that solves the doubts and incidents quickly.

The benefits of TEM translate into a reduction in the costs of the telecommunications bill of companies, eliminating unnecessary services and canceling lines that are not used. It allows to audit the contracted lines, and adapt the budget to the real consumption needs. The company can have a clear vision of spending on telecommunications through reports that will allow you to analyze spending trends and make better decisions.

Save time trying to contact your operator before a claim or problem. Improve the negotiation with your telephony providers. Keep an inventory record and control your assets – get ALERTIFY.

Telecom Expense Management solutions

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