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Aberdeen group estimating that an average Fortune 500 company spends about $116 million on telecommunications services per year.

Isn’t that a good reason for a Telecom Expense Management services?

Telecoms accounts for the largest slice of that, followed by software, tech consulting and systems integration services, and then outsourcing. Computer equipment and communications equipment are the smallest sectors. Check out telecom expense management Europe service – contact Alertify!

The typical company uses a variety of communications-related services including: mobile/wireless, long-distance and local phone services, conference services, VPN, PBX, email, voicemail, etc.

With so many carriers—providing different services—it is a challenge for companies to thoroughly understand how much they spend on telecom services or why they select the plans they use.

Given the number of telecom and network services that a typical company uses, and the hundreds or even thousands of monthly invoices that are received, it is next-to-impossible to maintain good visibility into these business expenses.

These are expenses which, according to IDC Research, are usually the second largest indirect expense within a company, and third or fourth largest overall!

Most companies don’t have the internal resources (trained staff, expensive software tools) to constantly monitor and select the best telecom deals. In addition, choosing the most appropriate telecom vendors requires a large investment of employees’ time. The resulting lack of visibility into the communications landscape makes it difficult for senior management to make optimal business decisions.

By applying the discipline of Total Telecom Cost Management, companies can reduce their telecom costs by up to 40% – contact Alertify today.

telecom expense management europe

Does your company know whether or not these expenses are justified?

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