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Choose between these SIM cards for South America Roaming

Forget about roaming costs, forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free Wi-Fi connections.

Our SIM cards are reusable: can be used for one country (on your right side for South America) only or global or regional. Choose what you want and need, how much you want and need..

South America SIM card is waiting for you.

   International SIM card – 1 GB, 88 countries

Included countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay.

Can be recharged for: Argentina, Bolivia, Dominica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.

south america roaming

There’s something of a split between the South American countries, with those in the north of the continent such as French Guinea, Guyana and Suriname generally sitting at the more expensive end of the table. Venezuela is a notable absence, while the most expensive country in the region by far is the Falkland Islands, with 1GB of data costing an average of $47.39. The Falklands is also the fourth most expensive country in the world.

Chile, with an average of $1.87, is the cheapest country in South America and the only one to make it into the cheapest 50 countries in the world. Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil are the other South American countries in the world’s top 100 cheapest.

South America roaming

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