North America roaming

Central America

All the Central American countries are grouped somewhat close to each other in the middle of our table. Guatemala has an average price per 1GB of data of $4.53, making it marginally less expensive than its neighbours.

In Mexico you’ll pay an average of $7.38 for 1GB of data, making the biggest country in Central America also the most expensive on average when it comes to buying mobile data. Interestingly, our Worldwide Broadband Price Comparison research last year revealed Mexico is the cheapest place in the region to buy broadband.

Northern America

It’s notable when looking at the global league table how far down it you have to read before you get to Canada and the United States. The two North American powerhouses are ranked 179 and 182 in the world in terms of the price of mobile data with 1GB costing an average $12.02 in Canada and $12.37 in the US.

The other two countries regarded as being part of Northern America are vastly different – there’s the north Atlantic island nation of Bermuda ($37.74), which is easily the most expensive in the regi (and sixth most expensive in the world), and Greenland ($16.79), which sits mostly in the Arctic circle and has only one mobile provider.


The vast majority of the Caribbean islands feature towards the more expensive end of the table, with the Cayman Islands ($26.79) being the priciest of the lot. In fact only three Caribbean nations make it into the less expensive half of the table, with the Dominican Republic ($1.88) by far and away the cheapest in the region, followed by Jamaica ($4.64) and Sint Maarten ($4.92).

There is a reliance on mobile networks in order for many people to get online in the Caribbean, but data packages are often sold in small amounts, increasing the relative cost of 1GB of data.

Northern America Roaming


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