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Europe SIM card & Europe roaming: No more roaming charges for EU citizens when travelling to another EU country from 15 June 2017


Included countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and EEA: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.

Reusable SIM: choose number of days and data for Europe roaming; create and order here;


Beware that EU roaming rules apply only to terrestrial mobile networks (all services provided through other types of radio networks, via satellite systems on board of ships or aeroplanes for instance, they are not subject to the binding price caps of the EU).

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     Europe SIM card – 1 GB, 31 countries – €14.90

This is what prices you can expect by European regions

Western Europe

Western Europe consists primarily of wealthy nations with highly developed mobile infrastructures. Finland leads the way with the cheapest mobile data in Western Europe, thanks to the ubiquity of unlimited data packages. Western Europe has only one country in the top ten, and is spread quite evenly throughout the table, with countries such as Switzerland, Malta and Portugal falling outside the top 200.

The most expensive country in Western Europe is Switzerland, whose main provider Swisscom is one of the leading lights of Europe in trialling 5G technology.


Eastern Europe

The presence of good network infrastructure throughout Eastern Europe helps the majority of countries to appear in the less expensive half of the table although none make it into the top 20 cheapest countries. The cheapest in the region is Poland with an average price per 1GB of $1.32, followed by Romania ($1.89) and Slovenia ($2.21).

Greece’s well-documented economic problems are evident here, with mobile data prices in the country much more expensive than in any of its neighbours. Greece’s average price per 1GB of $32.71 puts it in the top 10 most expensive places in the world to buy mobile data and makes it easily the most expensive in Europe.

CIS (Former USSR)

A number of CIS countries are among the very cheapest in the world for mobile data and all but one sits inside the less expensive half of the table. Kyrgyzstan is a very close second to India in the world table with an average of $0.27, just ahead of third-placed Kazakhstan ($0.49) and fourth-placed Ukraine ($0.51). The Russian Federation itself is just outside the world top 10 with the average price of 1GB $0.91.

Turkmenistan is the only CIS nation to appear among the most expensive in the world where 1GB of data costs $19.81 on average – that’s more than four times what it costs in the second most expensive CIS country, Tajikistan ($4.84).


Two of the three Baltic nations sit comfortably inside the less expensive half of the list, although for countries that enjoy some of the most advanced broadband networks in the world they aren’t represented in the top 40 when it comes to the cost of mobile data.

Lithuania is the cheapest of the three with 1GB costing an average of $2.06 and sits in 41st place in the world, while in Estonia 1GB costs $3.67 on average. Latvia sits in the most expensive half of the list with an average of $7.12 although it’s still below the global average of $8.53.

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