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Think Your Telecom Bills Don’t Contain Errors?

COVID-19 pandemic has constricted smooth and efficient business operations across major areas of the world. We hope and believe that this pandemic as well as the economic dip will be redressed soon: however; considering appropriate measures and strategic decisions will make businesses flourish aptly and quickly. More about your telecom bill most often errors and solutions, read below.

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Telecom billing errors aren’t outliers – they’re the norm. In fact, Gartner has found:telecom audit

That’s a significant amount of unnecessary expenses. A zero-cost, risk-free telecom audit can change all that by converting those costly errors into credits and reduce costs moving forward.

What Are Telecom Audits? telecom bill

Telecom audits consist of looking through an enterprise’s current assets and checking for areas they may be overspending. Whether it’s billing errors or duplicate charges, a telecom audit can help rid your enterprise of inaccuracies in your invoices and ensure savings.

Better yet, they’re completed at no charge to you and with zero obligation or risk.

Gartner’s report “North American MSBs Seek Cost-Saving Opportunities” states that “Telecom bills for voice and data are often riddled with errors, not discovered for many years.” In today’s cost-conscious environment enterprises cannot afford such telecom billing errors which eat into already strained telecom budgets. Deploying a telecom expense management tool provided by call accounting software systems can help enterprises identify cost savings and make invoice reconciliation easier through automating processes that when performed manually, rob companies of valuable time and money.
telecom audit
With enterprise offices located around the globe and wireless phone users complicating call detail records tracking, it isn’t any wonder that companies find bill reconciliation difficult. Often each office location receives its own separate set of carrier invoices; with many of these numbering in the hundreds of pages and containing confusing line items for services that were disconnected. Manual telecom bill reconciliation often cannot catch the numerous errors contained in most invoices. Managers assigned to bill reconciliation can reclaim valuable time spent by deploying a call accounting and invoice management system that can automate these functions and indicate where cost savings can be made. This information can put a company in a good bargaining position when the time comes for carrier contract negotiation.

As organizations rush to support the work from home mandate amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they must be fully prepared to address the unique challenges that mobility presents.  If managed incorrectly, remote employees could end up costing organizations more money in unnecessary mobile expenditures, compliance issues and productivity loss.

How to Mitigate and Catch These Costs

Most people may think of it as an obvious occurrence, but chances are you get billed for services you do not even use. Always go through your invoice carefully to make sure that you do not pay for any unused services. For instance, some companies may charge you for licenses for employees that no longer work with the company. Others even have a line item charge for website hosting – not that you would hire a telecom company to host your website.

Hiring a Professional to Help

If you have the capacity, you could dedicate internal resources to help catch these hidden costs in your monthly telecom bills. Alternatively, and most likely more effectively, you can partner with a professional Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service, more recently called Technology Consultants, to identify any hidden expenses & overcharges to save you money and make a positive impact to your bottom line. Additionally, a good TEM service provider can look at your current needs a propose new options that will fit your current and future needs as well as dramatically lower your monthly expenses.

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